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Cleanmarine® For Kids - 60 Caps

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All the benefits of Cleanmarine Krill Oil, but in a smaller 200mg capsule for children.



All the benefits of Cleanmarine Krill Oil, but in a smaller 200mg capsule for children.

Making sure your child eats a balanced diet and gets enough Omega 3 every day can be quite a challenge, especially with fussy little eaters! Luckily each kid’s sized Cleanmarine® Krill Oil capsule is packed with a potent form of Omega 3 known as ‘phospholipids’, which have been shown to be highly effective even when taking lower levels compared to fish oils.

Taken daily, this will ensure your little ones get the Omega 3 goodness they need but without the dinner table drama. Plus, there is no fishy after-taste like fish oils - yippee!

Why do we need omega 3 supplements?

The human body needs ‘essential fats’ such as omega 3 and omega 6 to stay healthy. Unfortunately, we are unable to produce them naturally. Therefore it’s vital that we ensure our diets contain foods rich in these essential “good” fats or that we intake them in supplements. 90% of Irish People lack sufficient Omega 3.

The Irish diet is plentiful in omega 6; however getting sufficient omega 3 from food sources can be an issue. For those with demanding and busy lifestyles, getting enough omega 3 from food sources alone can be very difficult. Not everyone can or wants to eat oily fish three times a week.

But supplementing daily with just one Cleanmarine® Krill Oil capsule ensures you top up your omega 3 levels (60mg EPA and 27.5mg DHA). Increase your dosage to two capsules a day if you feel you need to. There are no set RDA’s for omega 3 as everybody’s needs are different.

Cleanmarine Krill Oil:

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for human health and development. It is important that we make sure our diet contains foods rich in Omega 3 or, as it is often difficult to get enough Omega 3 from our diet alone, by supplementation.

The small one a day Cleanmarine capsules provide Omega 3 in a form that more easily absorbs into the body than fish oils so "less is more" - just one small capsule a day can provide the same to superior benefits as 1 to 3 large fish oil capsules.

There is no fishy repeat

The pure krill oil is sustainably sourced

Unlike fish oils, Cleanmarine Krill Oil does not require harsh and substantial processing which can damage the delicate Omega 3's

About Cleanmarine Krill Oil

As concern continues to rise over declining fish stocks Cleanmarine Krill Oil provides a pure, environmentally friendly and superior form of Omega 3 EPA and DHA.

Cleanmarine Krill Oil is:

- Sustainably and ethically harvested

- 100% pure from the cleanest ocean (every batch is tested for purity)

- Requires none of the extensive processing undertaken on fish oils

- No fishy aftertaste or burps!

- Antarctic Krill are tiny shrimp like crustaceans that live in our cool deep oceans. They are the most abundant living organism on the planet and provide a source of EPA and DHA in the form of Phospholipids, rather than the Triglyceride Omega 3 found in fish oils. Our cell membranes are made up predominantly of phospholipids so the EPA and DHA is easily assimilated by the body. Fish oils need to be processed by the body before they can be assimilated and so are not as efficiently absorbed. Studies have shown that less EPA and DHA from Cleanmarine Krill Oil is required to achieve similar health benefits as an equivalent amount of EPA and DHA from fish oils.

Krill also contain a powerful natural anti-oxidant - Astaxanthin - which gives them their reddish colour. Fish oils do not contain Astaxanthin and an anti-oxidant often has to be added during the production process.

Sustainability and Ethical fishing

Cleanmarine uses Krill Oil that has been certified to the Marine Stewardship Councils standard for sustainability - the first Omega 3 Oil to have such an accreditation in Europe.  The fishing vessel has a full time observer from the WWF onboard to ensure there is no "side" catch and that strictly controlled quotas are adhered too.  Only 0.0375% of all krill are fished each year, well below the precautionary level of 1%.  There is no danger of over-fishing with such a tightly controlled environment.


Cleanmarine Krill are harvested from deep in the antarctic ocean.  They have exceptional purity for 2 key reasons:

The antarctic current that moves in a circular motion round the Antarctic keeps the polluted waters of the Atlantic and Pacific from mixing so protecting the waters and the the wildlife from these potentially harmful elements.

Krill are very low down in the food chain so that even if there were pollutants they would accumulate extremely small amounts.  Fish are higher up the chain and therefore can accumulate a lot more toxins.  Astaxanthin naturally keeps the oil from oxidising and becoming rancid without the need to add anything or refine the oil.

No Fishy burps!

As fish oils provide Omega 3 EPA and DHA in Triglyceride form which the body has to break down and then reassemble into a form it needs at the cellular level and is absorbed by the stomach , you will often find that the fish oils repeat on you with an unpleasant fishy aftertaste.  Cleanmarine Krill Oil is absorbed by the small intestine, not the stomach and is already in the form required for efficient absorption so you do not get the same reflux or aftertaste ensuring no complaints from your partner or friends!!!

Cleanmarine® Krill Oil is MSC and WWF approved for sustainability ensuring each box is traceable from sea to shelf.

Study Ref: Comparison of the Effects of Krill Oil Fish Oil on Blood Lipids After 90 Days. Bunea et al Alt Med Rev 9 (2004) 420-8

Recommended Daily Dose

Under 10 years: Take 1 capsule daily.

Over 10 years: Take 2 capsules daily.

Please Note: Not suitable for those with shell fish allergies and or those taking blood thinning medication.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Cleanmarine
Ingredients Euphausia superba 200mg (Krill Oil, 60%, Crustacean), softgel capsule (fish gelatine, glycerine, sorbitol)
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